Benny Begin Resigns

MK Eyal Ben-Reuven (Labor / Zionist Union) commented on MK Benny Begin's resignation from the government today (Sunday), calling it "is another administrative failure and a continuation of the fiasco that was the creation of the Netanyahu government. A man with values, a truly capable leader like Benny Begin, remains outside."

He continued, "I knew Benny Begin as a a man with the qualities of a leader – modesty, setting a personal example, and the ability to perform, all of which the Netanyahu government is missing. I did not agree with Benny Begin's opinions in the past but I greatly valued his combining the qualities of a leader and an individual. I hope that we will continue to see Benny Begin take up positions in which he can make a meaningful contribution to the Israeli public."

MK Eitan Cabel of Labor was also quick to react: "I wonder why Begin thought that Bibi would change his ways and act like a respectable member of society,” he said. “I mean, Begin knows literature, and I have no doubt that from his cruel experience, he knows and is familiar with what is written in Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) 13, 23: 'Will a black man change his skin, and will a leopard his spots.

Hazan added that Sunday can be crowned as the 'day of embarrassment and shame.”

Surprisingly few ministers, MKs, and political figures have responded to the resignation of Minister without Portfolio Begin (Likud) from his ministerial role on Sunday, after he acquiesced to demands to ensure that only 11 Likud MKs are in the government. 

"In another 47 hours, when the resignation letter takes effect, the government will be less good," Former Yesha Council chairman Danny Dayan tweeted Sunday afternoon. 

Begin actually resigned on Friday, according to Channel 10, but refrained from an official announcement for unknown reasons. 

The resignation was reportedly prompted by Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) joining the government, driving the number of Likud MKs in ministerial roles up to 12 – against an agreement stating that only 11 Likudniks could serve. 


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