Bereaved families pay for benefits to terrorists

Sarah Techiya Beigel has commented on the government's decision not to destroy the home of the terrorist who murdered her father and brother. The decision was made in light of the fact that the terrorist's father turned him in and thus contributed to his capture.

During an interview on Army Radio, Beigel said, "Although his father turned him in, it was still after the fact. He knew about it beforehand. This benefit he's receiving, that his house will not be destroyed because he helped us a little – that the terrorist was not able to wander around the country for another day or two, or a few hours – is a small benefit compared to the terrible act that he did. If he had wanted to protect himself and the house destruction deterred him, he would have done this a few hours earlier. He chose to do it afterwards and he doesn't deserve this benefit."

She added that "Only after the act did he understand about the home destruction and so he ran to turn him in. All such decisions to give conditional benefits effectively make things worse for me and I am a citizen here. I need to live here. I am Jewish. We live in a Jewish country, and I think these decisions are mistaken. Who am I to say, but they are mistaken in my opinion. And they will cause further harm, and again will open the floodgates for the same feelings."

Beigel shared the statement that Prime Minister Netanyahu told the family: "He told us that a terrorist who murders – not injures, a terrorist who murders – his house will be destroyed. He did not get to this clause like in our case. Apparently he didn't want to bring up the possibility or had not yet come to the decision."

She concluded by saying, "It's correct that he [the father] did something that he feels deserves a little leniency: some financial compensation for the destruction, partially destroying the house instead of completely, but to not receive any punishment? No home destruction? This is too much for me. Of course he knew… If you want to truly prevent murder – take action before it occurs. Don't catch both birds together. Both letting your son commit murder and also protecting your home afterwards."


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