Bereaved Father Plays Sax for Son at Basketball Tournament

A five-month-long basketball tournament across Samaria ended this weekend in an exciting and close game between Karni Shomron and Havat Yair at the court in Kfar Tapuach. 

By a margin of just one point, Karni Shomron took the lead at the last minute of the game, winning 62-61. 

Among the guests cheering on the teams was Eliezer Rosenfeld, whose son, Malachi, was murdered in a shooting attack nearly three months ago as he and his friends made their way to a game with their local league. 

Rosenfeld thrilled spectators when he began to play saxophone on court just before the start of the game. In honor of the players, he prayed that "we will continue to play."

"We are filled with your strength," Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan told Rosenfeld. "The way you take this enormous grief to a place of action, of strength and power."

"The Samaria Regional Council attaches great importance to promoting and strengthening sports – it is one of the most important aspects of life of a community which seeks life," Dagan added.

The event was organized by Meir Barchia, head of the Samaria Regional Council's Sports Department. 


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