‘Bibi freezes and Bennett is silent’

The "Settlement Headquarters to Thaw the Freeze" organization's struggle against a building freeze in Judea-Samaria is heating up and has found a new target – Education Minister Naftali Bennett. 

In ads published on various social media sites over the weekend, the organization attacked the Jewish Home chairman, charging: "Bibi freezes and Bennett is silent."

According to one official in the organization, Minister Bennett is the only person able to stop the building freeze, but that he has not exercised his political power to do so. 

"Minister Naftali Bennett needs to decide if he follows Bibi [Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu] or he will lead a renewed and changed leadership." 

Rafi Zilberman, chairman of Beit Haggai's secretariat, noted that Judea-Samaria communities "supported and voted for Bennett [for him] to take care of us. Deri is worried about transparency, the haredim are worried about canceling the draft law and only Bennett isn't interested in the public who sent him to the Knesset. Apparently we chose Bennett and received Bibi."

The chairman of the Kida community's secretariat, Yossi Ravi, agreed, adding that "we demand Bennett and other Knesset members stop talking and start doing."

"We have been filled with their words of encouragement on the communities," Ravi continued. But, if they don't start putting those words into action, "they should stop asking for our votes. At this point, there is no difference between Bennett and Bibi."

Avinoam Goelman, one of the leader of the campaign to end the building freeze, demanded that Jewish Home begin to act decisively.

"The haredim know how to manipulate their political power and achieve results…while Bennett gives a rubber stamp on the shameful freeze," he charged. "Bennett has political power and he needs to prove he can do it."

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/203295

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