Blood on blood: Chance encounter connects terror victims

Rabbi Shimi and Zelda Goldstein, two Chabad emissaries to India, are sharing a horrifying story about Hadar Goldin and Hadar Buchris.

Hadar Buchris, who was murdered in a terror attack last week, was in the Indian town of Pushkar during Sukkot last year, along with Edna Sarusi, whose fiancé Hadar Goldin had been killed in Operation Protective Edge and his body stolen by terrorists.

"Edna asked me for my name. And I said Hadar. Her eyes suddenly narrowed and she ran off," said Buchris.

Sarusi was traveling in Rajasthan, in central India, and visited the Pushkar Chabad House for the holidays. After she spoke with Buchris, the emissaries realized that it was the same Edna who had been engaged to Hadar Goldin from Protective Edge. After two weeks of traveling in Pushkar, on her last day at the Chabad House, Sarusi considered writing a personal letter to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, because Chabad tradition holds that anyone who writes a letter to the deceased leader and places it in a volume of Igrot Kodesh will receive an answer from the Rebbe.

"I'm not exactly a Chabadnik," Sarusi told the emissaries. "I don't really know how to write it, and I don't really have a question."

"Write from your heart," Rabbi Shimon Goldstein answered.

Edna wrote her letter, folding it with emotion, and placed it in a random volume of Igrat Kodesh.

"The letter we received left all of us stunned, crying, and encouraging," the emissaries say. "The letter is simply about personal sorrow, and about general sorrow."

The page on which Sarusi happened to place her letter taught about sadness and loss, and was in the form of a letter on how to console a grieving daughter.

(From Igrat Hakodesh, Volume 23, Page 207)

"It was so specific for Hadar Goldin, and so fitting for our Hadar," the emissaries wrote in their weekly letter to local tourists.

"Their memory should be a blessing and 'Hasten and arise denizens of the earth and those in it.' Very soon we should see the resurrection of the dead and the Messiah."


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