Border Police Who Eliminated Terrorists Honored


Acting Police Commissioner Bentzi Sau awarded certificates of appreciation to four members of the Border Police Monday, for eliminating terrorists who attacked them in two recent incidents in Samaria.

The ceremony was held at a meeting of the Police's top command staff.

Two weeks ago, a Palestinian terrorist reached Tapuah Junction in Samaria and began speaking to a team of policemen who were carrying out routine checks. He suddenly drew a knife and began stabbing one of the policemen in his back.

Another combat soldier, who stood next to the policeman who was stabbed, opened fire at the terrorist and killed him.

Less than 48 hours later, another terrorist reached the junction, which is permanently manned by Border Police. He turned to the warriors and said that he did not feel well. They told him to come closer and when he approached, he drew a knife and stabbed one of the policemen, wounding him lightly.

Another warrior pushed the terrorist away and shot him dead.

"Once again, the Border Police warriors have proven their professionalism, their alacrity and their determination,” said Sau. “Within a few seconds, the warriors took care of the event, and neutralized the terrorist, in a swift and determined operational response.”


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