Cabinet Approves Erdan’s Ministerial Appointment

Amid controversy, Israel's Cabinet Secretary announced Monday evening that the cabinet had approved a motion to appoint MK Gilad Erdan (Likud) Internal Security Minister as well as Minister of Strategic Affairs and Hasbarah (Public Information). 

The Knesset is expected to vote later on Monday on splitting the strategic affairs portfolio away from the Intelligence Ministry as well as on Erdan's ministerial appointment. 

If the motion passes, Erdan will likely be sworn in on Monday. 

While Erdan will receive an increased budget for the Internal Security Ministry, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu refused to return to him the portfolio for implementing reforms in the Israel Broadcasting Authority.

Netanyahu, it seems, will keep that responsibility for himself. 

In protest of the likely loss of his position earlier on Monday, newly named Strategic Affairs and Absorption Minister Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) announced he would refrain from attending the Knesset vote on Erdan, potentially hurting the motion's chances of passing.  

Visibly angry over Netanyahu's latest maneuver, Elkin also threatened not to attend Monday's vote on an amendment to the Basic Law which would enable budgets to be doled out twice a year.

Sources have asserted that Netanyahu may need to placate Elkin, who is likely not the only Likud MK fuming over Erdan's expected appointment, with some form of compensation. 

Political analysts have also surmised that with Erdan's entry into the government, Minister without Portfolio Benny Begin will resign in accordance with Netanyahu's desire to avoid increasing the size of the cabinet. 


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