Called in by police…for a Facebook post

An Arab ran after and attacked a Jew in Eilat on Monday, stabbing him and leaving him with moderate injuries. Police determined that the attack was criminal in nature and not an act of terrorism. 

A female resident of Eilat at the scene of the crime stated that the stabbing was a terror attack, and that the perpetrator attempted to stab not only his victim, but herself and several other bystanders. 

The Israel Police opened an investigation, stating that the post was inconsistent with evidence at the scene. 

The original poster was summoned to the Eilat police station to give her version of events, but changed her story upon arrival.

As a result, the police have published a public safety warning to avoid publishing misleading posts.

"Misleading posts regarding terrorism and [criminal] events cause panic among the public," they said, advising "avoiding misleading reports without a reasonable basis." 


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