Canada: Iran Will be Judged by Actions, Not Words

Canada’s Foreign Minister responded on Tuesday to a deal between Iran and the six world powers by saying Iran's nuclear ambitions remain a major threat to peace despite the agreement.

Minister Rob Nicholson said that Canada would continue to judge Iran by its actions and not its words, according to the Reuters news agency.

"Iran continues to be a significant threat to international peace and security owing to the regime's nuclear ambitions, its continuing support for terrorism, its repeated calls for the destruction of Israel, and its disregard for basic human rights," he stated.

"We will examine this deal further before taking any specific Canadian action," added Nicholson, according to Reuters.

Tuesday’s statement marks the second time over the past several months that Canada has indicated it will judge Iran based on its actions.

In April, after an interim deal was reached between the sides, Nicholson warned that the Islamic regime may still be able to obtain a nuclear weapon even with the agreement and noted that "Iran's track record is not one that encourages trust."

In 2012, Canada closed its embassy in Iran and expelled Iranian diplomats from Canada, explaining that it views Iran “as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today.”


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