Canadian Man Joins Kurds to Fight ISIS

A 56-year-old Canadian citizen and resident of Ontario has joined the Syrian Kurdish militia, Israeli news site CJJ News reported Monday, in order to fight Islamic State (ISIS). 

The citizen joined the militia six months ago, top officials involved with the Kurds reportedly told the news outlet, after being angered by ISIS reports gloating over beheadings. 

Other westerners have also joined the fight against ISIS, usually by enlisting in the YPG, which despite being relatively poorly equipped has proven the most effective force against Islamic State, ejecting it from hundreds of villages and towns.

Most western volunteers are military veterans, but some are simply civilians who signed up after hearing of ISIS atrocities – including Hollywood actor Michael Enright.

As of March 2015, at least 100 westerners were estimated to have joined the Kurds, according to the International Business Times


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