Car in Bat Yam allegedly defaced over Ukraine war

A car belonging to a Ukrainian immigrant in Bat Yam was found defaced with swastikas and the logo of the Ukrainian Azov battalion Tuesday evening.

"I was in shock when I found it," said Alexey Ostapenko, who moved to Israel from Kiev sixteen years ago, blaming what he called "pro-Russian separatists" and "Putin supporters"for the act. Ostapenko is involved with efforts to ship aid to Ukraine and believes that the presence of the logo of Azov, a pro-government militia with ties to neo-Nazis, indicates that the attack was nationalistically motivated.

"Why relate me to that," he asked. We try not to help azov. It’s a shock. It’s impossible to see this in Israel. This is the type of thing that happened in Warsaw in history. For half a day I couldn’t return to being myself."


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