Caregiver Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Elderly Woman In Her Charge In Israel

According to the Jerusalem police spokesman unity report, a foreign caregiver was arrested on suspicion of assault and ill-treatment of an approximately 85-year-old woman for several months.

On Friday, the police received a complaint from a woman, according to which her 85-year-old mother was being abused and assaulted by her caregiver. She explained her mother told of several instances in which she was victimized, asking not to be left alone with the caregiver.

Upon receipt of the complaint, police investigators opened an investigation using advanced technological means and collected evidence. At the same time, they arrested the 39-year-old caregiver for questioning at the Moriah station on suspicion of “physical or mental abuse of the helpless.”

Police learned the caregiver has been living with the elderly woman in her home for seven months. The woman’s daughter visited on several occasions, and on each occasion, her mother asked not to be left alone with the caregiver, citing she victimizes her.

The caregiver was arrested and arraigned and remains in custody at this time.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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