Casualties following explosions at Brussels airport

Two explosions were heard at Brussels airport early on Tuesday morning, Reuters reports. Belgian media announced that 11 people were killed and 40 more were injured by the blasts.

London-based Sky News said the blasts had occurred in the departures lounge and cited reports it had occurred near the American Airlines desk. These reports have yet to be confirmed by an official source. Travelers have since been evacuated from the airport.

The circumstances surrounding the event are unclear and are being investigated.

Witnesses reported that gun shots were fired, accompanied by shouting in Arabic.

The Foreign Ministry is currently investigating whether any Israelis were injured in the explosions.

The airport has been shut down. Rail traffic to the airport has also been suspended until further notice, according to local news agencies.

One flight headed to Brussels from Israel was diverted to another airport, Airport Authority said. The first flight meant to depart Brussels for Israel is scheduled to land at Ben Gurion International Airport at 3:00 pm. 

Following the attacks, the Belgian Interior Minister has raised the country's terror threat indicator to its highest level.


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