Chowing down on ‘Traif ’


The whole show is a real family affair. It’s not just that brothers Jared and Adam Levy are working side by side with their dad, Lew Levy, on a new TV series. But actually the entire show, Traif: An Unkosher Series, is based on the life of their cousin/ nephew, Jason Marcus. Source:

The star whisperer


The day before her sold-out master class in Tel Aviv, Ivana Chubbuck already knows that most of her notes to the 400 local actors in the room will be to pull back the intensity of their performances. “Israelis experience a lack of quietness in their everyday lives, they learn that quietness achieves nothing. So what […]

Talk show host John Oliver to visit Israel this month


English comedian and host of HBO’s Emmy award-winning late night talk show Last Week Tonight John Oliver is coming to Israel on January 15 as part of the promotion of HBO’s new channel on the Hot cable network. Hot recently purchased the rights to show HBO’s content library, which includes such popular series as Westworld, […]

Report: Netanyahu used Kerry ties to assist businessman friend renew US visa


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly used his ties with US Secretary of State John Kerry in order to assist a prominent Israeli businessman in acquiring a renewed US visa, Channel 10 revealed on Friday. According to the report, after US authorities learned that Anon Milchan was involved in alleged unspecified nuclear dealings, Milchan’s visa had […]

MKs lambasts Netanyahu: ‘PM has lost all moral claim to his seat’


Prominent opposition members in the Knesset Saturday publicly spoke out against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging citizens to realize that his moral and political conduct was highly unacceptable for a sitting prime minister. During a cultural event in Modi’in, MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) lambasted Netanyahu, asserting that after closely examining the premier’s decision-making, his […]

6 Israeli TV shows to binge-watch now


As the folks on the next season of “Game of Thrones” might say, “Winter is here.” That means it’s time to get under the covers and engage in the national pastime of binge-watching TV shows. Since Netflix pioneered the streaming model in the late 2000s, other streaming services have been popping up regularly, like Hulu […]

The most dangerous man in the Middle East?


There is an extraordinary 55-second video on YouTube that shows Yehudah Glick praying on the Temple Mount. Filmed on July 17, 2014, it is extraordinary not because Glick was not arrested for praying – a strongly enforced prohibition for all Jews – but because of whom he is praying with, and what he is praying. […]

Thousands run in memory of fallen officer


Thousands of people took part in the Tiberias marathon next to the Sea of Galilee including police officers, in remembrance of the Yasam officer Yossi Kirma. Kirma was shot and killed by a Palestinian assailant in Jerusalem two months ago. Hundreds of Police and border police secured the event. Relevant to your professional network? Please […]

Netanyahu’s lawyer: Receiving cigars from a friend is not a criminal offense


Attorney Yaakov Weinroth, who represents Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the press on Friday that, "any reasonable person knows that someone bringing their friend cigars is not a criminal offense." Channel 2 reported on Thursday that Israeli producer Arnon Milchan had given Netanyahu cigars worth tens of thousands of shekels over seven or eight years. […]

Report: Israel spy satellite discovers secret Russian missile cache in Syria


An Israeli spy satellite has discovered a number of Russian mobile short-range ballistic missiles stockpiled in Syria, Channel 2 reported Friday. In high definition photos taken by the Israeli "Eros B" satellite, the weapons, dubbed "Iskander" missiles, are clearly seen on trucks inside an army base in Latakia, located in western Syria. Source: