Hamas Decries US Bill Sanctioning ‘Human Shields’ Practice


Hamas is condemning a U.S. bill that sanctions the Islamic terrorist group for using civilians in Gaza as “human shields.” The House unanimously passed the Hamas Human Shields Prevention Act on Wednesday. Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum says Thursday that the bill sides with “the Israeli narrative.” The bill steps up U.S. pressure against Hamas, which […]

Did FBI Miss A Warning Before Florida High School Shooting?


The massacre at a Florida high school is again raising concerns about whether the FBI missed signs that might have stopped a mass shooting. Last fall, a Mississippi bail bondsman and video blogger noticed a comment on one of his YouTube videos that said, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” He immediately reported […]

Levayas On Friday For Two Jewish Victims In Florida School Massacre; One Scheduled For Sunday


Funeral services are being scheduled for victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Meadow Pollack and Alyssa Alhadeff will be buried in the Garden of Aaron at Star of David Memorial Gardens in North Lauderdale after separate funerals on Friday. Fourteen-year-old Alyssa was among the youngest victims of Wednesday’s shooting […]

Azan Family Survivors Released From Hospital Two Months After Catastrophic Fire


Two months after the catastrophic fire that claimed the lives of Aliza Azan and three of her children – Moshe Z”L (11), Yitzchak Z”L (7), Henrietta A”H (3), the father, Yossi Azan was released from the hospital in New York, together with his surviving  son and daughter. Three of the four surviving members of the family, Yossi, Daniel and Shilat, were seriously […]

​After Tragedy, Fire Commissioner Meets Flatbush Community Activists [PHOTOS]


Following the recent fatal fire in Flatbush, the FJCC convened a meeting with the Fire Department Commissioner and Chiefs, and leadership of Flatbush Yeshivas, Shuls, and organizations to initiate fire prevention and safety in the community. Over forty five leaders gathered last week at the Yad Yosef Torah Center on Ocean Parkway, led by Rabbi […]

Mueller Probe Leaves Many Witnesses In Limbo


Over the last nine months, scores of men and women — some powerful and moneyed, others obscure and struggling — have crossed paths with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors. So far though, just four have been charged. The rest — a colorful cross-section of people, banks and businesses — are in limbo. Some […]

VIDEOS/PHOTOS: IDF Soldiers Beaten By Violent Palestinian Mob After Accidentally Entering Jenin


(VIDEOS AND PHOTOS IN EXTENDED ARTICLE)  An IDF vehicle was attacked by a PA (Palestinian Authority) mob, including rock-throwing, after the driver mistakenly entered PA occupied Jenin. It did not take long for the non-combat but visibly marked IDF vehicle to be surrounded by the mob and come under attack. The two soldiers inside the […]