Gaza envelope Municipalities Decry Sewer Eruptions from Blackout-Plagued Gaza


Overflowing sewage in the Gaza Strip now pollutes Israel’s water supply. The heads of the Gaza envelope communities on Sunday sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, warning that as a result of the collapse of the sewage treatment in the Gaza Strip, the desalination plant in Ashkelon, […]

Report: Internal Rotation Fight Threatens Future of Joint Arab List


Joint Arab List activists during the March, 2015 elections. Disagreement over a rotation agreement is threatening to dismantle the Joint Arab List, which to date has been a monumental success story in Israeli politics. Two and a half years after its establishment (the result of a failed attempt by Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Liberman to […]

Jordan Exposes Identity of Israeli Embassy Security Guard


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hugs the security officer from the Israeli embassy in Amman Jordan who was stabbed by a terrorist. July 24, 2017 Jordan is continuing their campaign against Israel. Yesterday, a Jordanian newspaper, Al-Ghad, published the Jordanian diplomatic ID card of the Israeli embassy guard who killed a Jordanian terrorist who attacked him […]

Guide for the Perplexed: The Ninth Day of Av


Jewish Holidays’ Guide for the Perplexed by Yoram Ettinger 1. Forgetfulness feeds oblivion; remembrance breeds deliverance. According to a legend, Napoleon was walking one night in the streets of Paris, hearing lamentations emanating from a synagogue. When told that the wailing commemorated the 586 BCE destruction of the First Jewish Temple in Jerusalem he stated: […]

On Eve of 9 B’Av Synagogue Burns Down in Benjamin


Mevo Horon synagogue on fire A fire broke out Monday morning, Tisha Be’Av eve, at the youth synagogue in Mevo Horon in the Benjamin region of Judea and Samaria. The synagogue was burned down with Torah scrolls that could not be saved. בית הכנסת במבוא חורון נשרף כליל כולל ספרי התורה . — איציק […]

Have We Learned The Lesson Of Tisha B’Av?


Shmuel Legesse According the Talmud, the main reason for the destruction of the second Holy Temple was baseless hatred. As the Tosefta (additional commentaries) at the end of Tractate Menachot explain, this tragedy befell the Jewish people because “each one hates his neighbor.” The Talmud further imparts that each generation in which the Holy Temple […]

Do You Feel the Churban Yet?


The Temple as seen in the Holyland Model of Jerusalem, a 21,520 sq. ft., 1:50 scale-model of the city of Jerusalem in the late Second Temple Period. “I gave you The City and the Holy Mount in ‘67 and you spurned them and returned the keys to Mine enemies, the Waqf, and their ilk. Do […]

Israeli Security Officer Identified After Jordanian Outlet Publishes Name


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hugs the security officer from the Israeli embassy in Amman Jordan who was stabbed by a terrorist. July 24, 2017 Israel’s security establishment has cleared for publication the name of the Embassy security officer in Amman who shot and killed two Jordanian nationals last week after he was attacked during a […]

Israeli Bus, Several Cars Firebombed Near Ariel


Firebomb, also known as a Molotov cocktail At least four private vehicles and an Israeli Afikim bus came under attack from Arab terrorists while traveling on a road in Samaria Sunday night. The terrorists hurled at least four lit firebombs (Molotov cocktails) just after 8:30 pm Sunday night at the bus and cars as they […]

Live Artillery Shell Discovered Near Beit Berl


An old — but live — artillery shell Workers at a campus in western Israel found an old artillery shell that apparently landed in an open field years ago, next to Beit Berl, a village with a permanent population of 113. Founded in 1949 and named for Berl Katznelson, spiritual leader of the pre-state Labor […]