Chief rabbinate rejection of US conversion ‘casts shadow over American Orthodox institutions’

A Jewish convert from the US who made aliyah to Israel had her conversion rejected by the Chief Rabbinate’s Department for Matrimony and Conversion earlier this year, despite having a conversion approval certificate from a rabbinical court presided over by the head of the Beth Din of America, Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz.

Although her conversion was subsequently approved by the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court, the incident is the latest in a series of such rejections which are being viewed in some quarters as a rejection by the chief rabbinate of the legitimacy of Orthodox Jewish institutions in the US.

Hauna, 24, converted in Minnesota in 2006 with senior Chabad emissary Rabbi Moshe Feller. She received a conversion approval certificate from the rabbinical court of the Chicago Rabbinical Council in 2009 before she emigrated to Israel in 2010.


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