City heads fight for differential state funding

The mayors of some of the poorest cities in the country have come together to fight for differential state funding, to bring equal opportunities for all Israeli children.

Dozens of mayors and heads of regional councils, representing more than 56 percent of Israelis, established the Forum for Distributive Justice last week, vowing to present a united front in the struggle to close socioeconomic gaps.

“There is no reason that NIS 15,000 is invested annually in a child from Tel Aviv while his friend in Lod receives only NIS 6,000. We have to think of a new path,” Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said. “It is time to fix the social injustice and put an end to the policies that discriminate against over half of the population in the country. Changing the system of funding will bring equal opportunities to all the children in Israel regardless of who they are and where they live.”


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