Civil Administration demolishes synagogue near Hevon

Security forces and civil administration arrived Thursday morning to the “Shchunat Gal” outpost near Hevron and demolished a fence, foundations for a barn and a building that served as a synagogue.

As a result, clashes broke out between the demolition team and locals. Two minors were details but released shortly thereafter.

Yisrael Bramson, acting mayor of Kiryat Arba, responded to the destruction of the synagogue: “(Moshe) Ya'alon again demonstrated his attitude to settlements and in to synagogues in particular. This structure in question was not built on Arab territory, only the Likud party would destroy and devastate the land of Israel.”

The Civil Administration said in response to the destruction, that "demolition was enforced because a fence, shed and illegal structure that were built on private land without permit by the competent authorities."


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