Comedy: Talking to Todd

One of Todd Barry’s wry comedy routines is about a visit to Walgreens, the American steroid-injected pharmacy department store. But when he makes his Israel debut on June 3 at Zappa Tel Aviv and June 4 at Zappa Herzliya as part of the chain’s Funny People series, he’s not planning on localizing it into a SuperPharm bit.

“When I perform abroad, if the audience is nice they’ll let me set it up – ‘hey, there’s this place we have in the United States – a big drug store….If they’re there to have a good time they’ll listen and give you the benefit of the doubt,” said the droll 51-yearold comedian and actor last week.

A fixture on Comedy Central and in recurring TV roles on Louie and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, as well as a slew of animated comedy series, Barry and his insightful observational humor has caught on big, not only with audiences, but with fellow comics.


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