Controversial bill to expand cabinet passes hurdle in Knesset

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have until next Monday at the latest to swear in his ministers after Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein formally announced late Monday that a new governing coalition had been formed.

Edelstein’s announcement began a seven-day window of opportunity for the swearing-in to take place. But legal authorities debated how to count the seven days and said the Knesset could not be convened for a swearing-in ceremony Sunday out of respect for Joint List MKs Basel Ghattas and Aida Touma, who are Christians.

Sources close to Netanyahu said there was still a chance ministers could be sworn in Thursday if the parliamentary maneuvers intended to block the expansion of the cabinet fizzle out. Opposition MKs issued thousands of amendments to the bill and every opposition MK signed up to address the plenum in an attempt to filibuster.


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