Could next election be showdown of mayors?

Both men are respected, hard-working mayors of Israeli cities whose quality of life has noticeably improved under their leadership.
Each had successful careers before entering politics and see their current work as self-sacrifice for the good of their neighbors. Both took the lessons they learned in their former careers and applied them successfully to run their cities according to their vision.

Both men are currently working hard behind the scenes on the national party level, just in case the right circumstances will be in place to enable them to become prime minister. And both men are smart enough to deceive their constituents and deny that they might leave.
The comparisons between Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat and his Tel Aviv counterpart Ron Huldai end there. The contrasts are more obvious.

Barkat, 55, is a wealthy, hi-tech businessman. Huldai, who turns 71 on Wednesday, is a veteran fighter pilot and educator.


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