Cruz picks up all delegates in Colo.; Sanders wins in Wyo.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz completed his sweep of Colorado’s 34 delegates on Saturday while rival Donald Trump angled for favor a half-continent away in New York’s all-important April 19 primary. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders picked up another

win in Wyoming – but it did nothing to help him gain ground in the delegate chase.

Cruz netted 13 more delegates at Colorado’s state Republican convention. The Texas senator already had locked up the support of 21 Colorado delegates and visited the state to try to pad his numbers there. Democratic presidential hopefuls, too, were focused on New York’s big trove of delegates even as Wyoming gave its nod to Sanders over Hillary Clinton. Sanders got word of his Wyoming win from his wife, Jane, midway through a rally in Queens, part of a four-stop swing through New York City. A raucous cheer went up from the New Yorkers, but the Wyoming vote was a draw from a delegate perspective: Sanders and Clinton each picked up seven. That means Clinton has 1,287 delegates based on primaries and caucuses to Sanders’ 1,037. When including superdelegates, or party officials who can back any candidate, Clinton has 1,756, or 74 percent of the number needed to clinch the nomination. Sanders has 1,068.



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