Cruz Vows ‘Reagan Revolution’ to Obama’s Carter

Pro-Israeli Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke to Arutz Sheva at the third annual Champions of Jewish Values event, held in New York, in which he spoke about what his planned presidency would look like.

Cruz was highly critical of the administration of US President Barack Obama, remarking, "this administration has expressed an unprecedented antagonism to the nation of Israel – that's unacceptable. I'm grateful that the American people stand with the nation of Israel."

Concerning the Iranian nuclear threat, Cruz said, "we need a president who…says we wil not negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran that allows Iran to keep centrifuges, to keep enriched uranium, to keep developing their ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) programs, to keep remaining the world's leading sponsor of terrorism."

"Either Iran will stop or America will stop it," emphasized Cruz, urging a tougher stance in tackling the nuclear aspirations of the Islamic regime.

If elected, the senator said he intends to stand "unapologetically and unshakeably" alongside the Jewish state, and plans to fight firmly to defeat Islamic terrorism.

Citing scripture, he noted, "the book of Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun; I think there are stark similarities between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter," drawing a parallel between their similarly weak foreign policy records.

Cruz recalled that after Carter's presidency, "in 1981 Iran released American hostages the day Ronald Reagan was sworn in," showing how a turn-around in toughening America's foreign policy is indeed possible as was seen in the "Reagan revolution."

"Weakness and appeasement does not work, we need to return to American leadership in the world and it is my intention to do everything I can to make that happen," he vowed.


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