Dance hopping at the shuk

In 1887, three Jerusalem residents put down flags on the north side of Jaffa Road. Johannes Frutiger, Shalom Konstrum and Joseph Navon saw in the empty space an opportunity for trade and community. They named the area after Navon’s brother, Yehuda. On the opposite side of the street lay the newly established neighborhood of Beit Yaakov. For denizens of the two budding areas, amenities were hard to come by, and so a market was formed on an empty lot just east of Beit Yaakov. Over the coming decades, the market grew and grew, was torn down, changed names and vendors and eventually transferred from open-air tables to an enclosed pathway of merchants. Today, that market, Mahaneh Yehuda, is the most famous in Israel, holding over 250 individual vendors and shops. It is a tourist attraction, a way of life and a meeting place for all of the various groups that inhabit that nation’s capital city.


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