Dance Review: BORIS EIFMAN’S newest creation, ‘Up and Down.’

Like a colorful migrating bird, the Boris Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg comes for a yearly visit, and plays to a full house for several nights. On its current tour it presents Up and Down , a new creation based on Scott Fitzgerald’s celebrated novel Tender is The Night.

Eifman’s affinity for bold, dramatic themes found a treasure in the novel, which contains biographical components. Eifman portrays the story in his distinctly literal and detailed way, using abundant expressionist tools, through movement, gestures and facial indications, which fit his distinctive style, a derivative of neo-classical ballet and theatrical dance.

This ballet leaves no stone unturned and delves into the rollercoaster of ups and downs in the life, love, betrayals and institutionalized experiences in mental asylums of the novel’s leading characters, many of which coincide with the lives of the author and his wife.


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