Dance review: Cowboy

After creating their acclaimed interpretation of Two Room Apartment, duo Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor premiered Cowboy, a distinctly different piece, which nevertheless maintained close ties with thematic elements familiar from their other works.

For a moment it seemed the seasoned couple – fortified by Gilad Yerushalmi and Joel Brey – had wandered onto foreign turf; American country/folk culture. With hardcore country tunes by Heidi Hauge, moves borrowed from folk dances, wearing jeans and plaid shirts and with thumbs tucked in leather belts, it had to be a spoof.

Soon the honky-tonk ambiance, with its clichéd masculinity images, turned out to be the upper layer of stratified work and a jumping-off point to some more serious issues, often addressed in a humorous, tongue-in-the-cheek way.


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