Dance: The voice of mothers

‘Our mothers, they have power and magic that is hard to explain. Their presence… they come from a different world completely, like an imaginary world. Just to see how they move, talk, their body language, how they describe things…” says choreographer Dege Feder. Mothers served as a major inspiration for the artist’s newest creation, Amedja, which will premiere next week as part of the seventh annual Hullegeb Israeli- Ethiopian Arts Festival in Jerusalem.

“Armija means ‘steps’ in Amharic,” Feder explains. “The piece is based on the steps of the Tigri tribe. We see a lot of characters flying through the space with those steps. Each time someone else leads, like a flock of birds, where someone else leads the group each time. Occasionally there is a break from the group, and there is a reaction of the group. Sometimes it is dramatic, sometimes it is about freedom,” she says.


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