Demonstrators to Religion Minister: Don’t give in to Reform

Dozens of Acre residents gathered outside of Religious Affairs Minister David Azoulai's (Shas) apartment last night (Monday) to encourage him to stand firm against the pressure to recognize the Reform Movement and divide the Kotel plaza.

The demonstrators said that they came together spontaneously. Some carried signs reading “One Kotel – One People,” and “No to Reform money.”

They are convinced that “Minister Azoulai will not extend his hand to such a dangerous step for the country's future,” and, rather than protest his actions, they intend to support him and prove that the Jewish People stand behind his opposition to the changes.

Moshe, one of the demonstrators, said: “We came to encourage Minister Azoulai to stand up to all the tremendous pressure exerted by Reform groups on the government over the Kotel. It's inconceivable that the Kotel, the heart of the Jewish People, a remnant of the Temple, towards which millions of Jews pray every day, should be desecrated in this terrible manner. We will do all we can to prevent it.”


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