Denmark raises threat level after Paris attacks

Danish police on Wednesday raised the country's threat level by one notch to the next-highest level, citing the elevated risk of a terrorist attack after last week's Paris attacks. 

"Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Danish police is now raising its internal preparedness level" to "significantly heightened preparedness",
it said in a statement.

Police cited the "uncertain situation in a number of European countries."

However, it said the Danish intelligence service PET had "not changed its assessment of the terrorist threat against Denmark, which is still considered serious."

The Danish public would not see any difference in their daily lives as a result of the change, police said, according to AFP.

In February, a Danish-born Islamist extremist murdered a Danish filmmaker outside a cultural center where a debate on Islam and free speech was taking place. Hours later, he murdered a Jewish man at a synagogue, as a bar mitzvah was being celebrated outside. 

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists murdered 129 people and injured hundreds in coordinated attacks in Paris last Saturday.

AFP contributed to this report.


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