Deri’s wife on corruption scandal: ‘We overcame Haman’

Yaffa Deri, the wife of Shas chairperson and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, expressed optimism on Wednesday morning regarding the police investigation against her husband on suspicions of corruption, which was revealed the night before.

At the entrance to their home in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem, she noted on the current timing between the Purim and Passover holidays, telling reporters: "we overcame Pharaoh, and we overcame Haman. We are in a wonderful month."

Deri is anticipated to take part in a conference this morning that was set up in advance at the Ramada Hotel in the capital, and while there is to discuss the new corruption scandal.

Barak Sari, Deri's spokesperson, told Army Radio on Wednesday that he "sat with him (yesterday) evening, he appears very calm, very serene."

"He is ready to be investigated whenever by all the law authorities. He is checking everything, he is careful of everything and he knows that he is under a magnifying glass," said Sari. "I hope, and also believe and wish, that there won't be anything, and we'll see what comes afterwards one step at a time."

MK Mickey Rosenthal of the Zionist Union party's Labor faction on Wednesday morning criticized Deri for being "a corrupt man," noting how in January he returned to the post of Interior Minister 22 years after he abused the same position by taking bribes.

Rosenthal spoke about his bill to have those convicted of corruption blocked from serving in the Knesset ever again, and his petition to the Supreme Court over the "discrimination" in how Deri for now is only subject to a "preliminary investigation" and not a criminal investigation, in what the MK charges is preferential treatment due to Deri's position.

According to a Haaretz report on Tuesday night, another senior politician aside from Deri is also being investigated in the corruption case.


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