Despite bitter end, Blatt’s transition from Israel to NBA an overall success

David Blatt’s roller-coaster season came to a close with a defeat on Tuesday night, but the positives far outweighed the negatives for the Cleveland Cavaliers coach.

Golden State Warriors completed a 4-2 win in the Finals in Cleveland, ultimately overpowering the shorthanded Cavs. However, after opening 2014/15 with a 19-20 record, and with Blatt’s job reportedly in jeopardy, Cleveland turned its season around, storming to the Eastern Conference title despite losing All-Star Kevin Love in the first round of the playoffs, and giving the Warriors a run for their money even after All-Star Kyrie Irving went down in Game 1 of the Finals.

“It’s tough, tough to lose. Not every story has a happy ending. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad story. This was not. This was a good story. And I’m appreciative to everyone that was part of this,” said Blatt.


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