Devoted to Damari

If you are going to put on a convincing performance for the public, it can help to know where you’re coming from and to have – at the very least – an empathetic take on the subject matter. While at first glance it may be hard to see a smooth continuum between jazz and the ever-stirring oeuvre of late Yemenite-born diva Shoshana Damari, saxophonist Shauli Einav says he identifies strongly with the material that he, his quartet and his vocalist wife Naama Liany will deliver at Beit Avi Chai on Tuesday. The Jazz of Roses show is the swansong slot of the Jazz in Hebrew series at the Jerusalem cultural hub.

Although now based in Paris, after a lengthy Stateside study and work sojourn, the 30something reedman says that besides imbibing the sound of Damari’s trademark velvety vocals as a kid, he hails from the right part of the world to do justice to the evocative vocal energies and textures of the late iconic songstress.


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