Dining: A little Night Kitchen

Located on Tel Aviv’s trendy and eclectic Lilienblum Street, Night Kitchen is an intimate place, and its unadorned charm makes you feel right at home. It’s only been around for two years or so, but it has the feel of being an oldtimer in the best sense of the word.

Created by chef Eyal Dayan, the menu is quite extensive, with a wide array of salads, pasta, fish and meat dishes. Diners can choose to order from the rich menu or have the tasting menu (NIS 150 per person) and surrender to the chef completely.

We had the pleasure of sitting near the bar, with a full view of the chef and his sous-chefs creating their gastronomy magic in an open kitchen.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Dining-A-little-Night-Kitchen-446122

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