Dining: A roadside attraction

A compound dominated by a gas station and car wash seems an unlikely place for a leisurely meal or family brunch. But under the hands-on ownership of Yaffa Kerem, Green Cafe has burgeoned from merely a conveniently located eatery popular among drivers traveling on the coastal highway into a restaurant favored by residents of the suburbs north of Netanya.

Green Cafe derives its name in part from the shrubbery that surrounds it, distinguishing it from the convenience store to which it is annexed. But primarily what sets it apart from an ordinary service station snack bar is the quality of the food; Kerem makes a point of inviting top chefs from Tel Aviv into her kitchen every couple of years to review and refresh the menu.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Dining-A-roadside-attraction-452347

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