Dining: Campanello

Located at the corner of Nordau and Ben-Yehuda streets in Tel Aviv, Campanello gives you the feeling of being in Italy. It is clean, warm and laid back. Comfortable seating is available inside, with a full view of the open kitchen of the restaurant, including the taboun oven. The tables with red checkered tablecloths on the narrow patio outside are great perches for people-watching.

The menu offers a large selection of starters, pasta dishes (including ravioli, gnocchi and cannelloni), pizza and fish dishes. Chefs Mena Strum and Arik Lupo are the masterminds behind this impressive cuisine. The wine list has a good selection of Italian wines, wellknown Israeli wines and a choice of boutique wines.

We had a chance to sample a wide array of dishes from the enticing menu. Upon sitting down, we were served the house focaccia.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Dining-Campanello-405840

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