Dining: Fish and meat bar

Upon entering the restaurant Dagim, it is easy to imagine for a moment that you’ve been transported out of suburban Israel to a Southeast Asian land of tall, gabled wooden buildings, patios leading to green lawns and koi-filled mini-canals. The spacious interior is made to seem larger by the floor-to-ceiling picture windows – virtually a glass wall – looking out onto Four Seasons Park. As if the name of the restaurant were not enough of a clue to its specialty, the fresh fish on ice at the entrance completes the picture. The bar, balcony, wall of wine and aquarium add to the positive first impression. The attention paid to the decor is reassuring; if there is similar fastidiousness in the kitchen, all indications are that a very good meal is in the offing. Four months ago, new chef Eyad Agabrya, formerly of sister restaurant Medzzo in Herzliya, took the helm at Dagim, inaugurating a new concept for the menu.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Dining-Fish-and-meat-bar-411885

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