Dining: New kid on the block

Opened just over a month ago, Passerella on Tel Aviv’s bustling Nahalat Binyamin Street truly embodies everything I could ask for in a go-to spot: incredibly creative and well-crafted cocktails with a molecular twist, a simple yet diverse and well executed food menu, friendly service, and a chill vibe.

Vodka aficionado and owner Roi Cohen adds a lot to the atmosphere, gliding between tables, chatting to the patrons at the bar, all the while checking on everything and everyone. The downstairs dining area is open plan, while upstairs there is a beautiful bar with a large TV screen, perfect for fashion parties or sport events.

I didn’t know what to order, so Cohen asked about a few of my favorite things and proceeded to make me something that was perfect. He did this for me and my dining partner for all our drinks (all cocktails are NIS 49), each one better than the last.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Dining-New-kid-on-the-block-410579

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