Dining: ‘Red’ with a side of Italy

The red pepper was making me see double. Adom’s professional bartender at the restaurant’s well- stocked bar had just served up a Spicy Ilai, which is made from hot Stoli, violet rotan and lemonade, with a giant bright red pepper as garnish. To eat or not to eat it? I decided it was best to wait until after dinner. Most Jerusalem locals remember Adom from its central location in the Feingold Courtyard, which opened in 2001. The new location at the renovated and cosmopolitan First Station gives the restaurant room to breathe. With a separate bar section and outdoor seating, the new design is classy and modern. They promise to keep up their tradition of providing customers with “a taste of fish and flavors from around the world,” says host Itamar Kal.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Dining-Red-with-a-side-of-Italy-409063

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