Disgraced ex-DA may face added charges

Ruth David, once one of the most powerful figures in the law enforcement establishment and now on trial for alleged corruption, may face disciplinary charges for gifts she received while she was Tel Aviv District Prosecutor.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is perusing a request from Assaf Rosenberg, the person in charge of discipline within the Public Service Administration, to launch disciplinary action against David with regard to gifts she received from Attorney Ronel Fisher while she was District Attorney.

The gifts include a Louis Vuitton bag and scarf, pens by Montblanc, two Cartier watches, and flower bouquets.

Fisher, who was reportedly David’s lover, is standing trial alongside her. The two allegedly collaborated with a top police officer, Eran Malka; Fisher allegedly used his connections with David and Malka to extort fees from clients in return for obtaining inside information from the investigations against them, and for using his influence to get the cases closed.

The case in question place after David retired from public service, however.

The criminal investigation regarding the gifts given to David was closed by the Attorney General, who said the principal allegations were rendered void by the statute of limitations.

Rosenberg noted, though, that the statute of limitations does not prevent the launching of disciplinary action against David.

Reporting on this latest development, Ynet called it was “dramatic” and claimed that it is rare for the state to take disciplinary action against an employee after he leaves public service. Because of the unusual nature of the step, it requires approval by the Attorney General and State Attorney.

Reports in the media have persistently raised the suspicion that David and FIsher were involved in corruption while David was Tel Aviv DA. If this was true, it is possible that dozens or even hundreds of cases would have to be reopened. It is possible that many innocent people were jailed and many guilty people got off scot free. Some believe that it is precisely because of the extent of the corruption involved that David will not stand trial for allegations that pertain to her period in public service. 

Despite the severity of charges against her, David was freed from jail, was allowed to go on holiday outside Israel and has been seen having fun in music concerts.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/209502

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