Doctor took bribes to write medical cannabis recommendations for dozens of patients, police say

An anesthesiologist took bribes to write recommendations for medical cannabis for dozens of patients, police said Monday morning, as the doctor and one of his accomplices were arrested on suspicion of fraud and bribery.

The doctor is a resident of Tel Aviv and the manager of a department at a hospital in central Israel, where he deals with patients suffering from pain. His accomplice, a 36-year-old resident of a moshav in the Emek Hefer, is accused of bringing him patients and brokering the deals. Police said they have questioned and detained a series of other suspects in the case, though most were already released.

Central District spokesman Ami Ben-David said police suspect the doctor and his accomplice ran a network of associates that located potential patients across Israel and guided him to his office to receive recommendations which would then be sent to the Health Ministry for approval.


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