Dozens of Palestinian Security Prisoners Join Hunger Strike

Palestinian security prisoners held in jails throughout Israel have over the past two days joined a hunger strike in solidarity with fellow prisoner Mohammad Allan. 

At the Nafha Prison in Mitzpe Ramon on Sunday, 107 terrorist prisoners joined the strike launched by the Palestinian Prisoners Society on Saturday. 

While the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has started disciplinary hearings against the strikers, there is concern more prisoners will join. 

The mass hunger strike follows the International Committee of the Red Cross's warning on Friday that Allan, 31, is "at immediate risk" of death after some 50 days without food. 

The IPS and officials at the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva, where Allan is being hospitalized in the intensive care unit, are considering the possibility of force-feeding. 

On July 30, the Knesset approved a law allowing prisoners on hunger strikes facing death to be force fed, sparking criticism from left-wing NGOs and doctors.

Hospital officials have asserted that if Allan's condition becomes life-threatening he will be forcibly fed, but that, as of now, there is no danger posed to his life. 

United Nations officials stressed Saturday their opposition to prisoners being fed against their will, arguing that hunger striking is a type of "non-violent protest" and a "basic human right." 

The UN officials specifically noted an Israel Medical Association claim, equating force-feeding with torture. 


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