Dr. Yitzhak Kadman stepping down from National Council for the Child after 30 years

Dr. Yitzhak Kadman announced on Monday that he was stepping down from the National Council for the Child after 30 years of serving as the organization’s head.

"A generation has passed since I took upon myself in 1986 to found and establish a new body called the ‘National Council for the Child (in response to a query by the founders and activists of ‘the rally of the President’s office for child well-being’)," he wrote in a letter. "Since then, thirty years of endless action on their behalf and in the name of the children of Israel."

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Dr-Yitzhak-Kadman-stepping-down-from-National-Council-for-the-Child-after-30-years-447144

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