Economy Ministry assists Gaza-periphery businesses employing target populations

Companies, factories, and businesses in Sderot and the Gaza periphery that employed over the past year, or are planning on hiring, Arab, disabled, ultra-Orthodox, or single-parent employees may be eligible for financial assistance with the employees’ salaries, announced the Investment Center at the Economy Ministry on Monday.

The workplaces must employ the target populations at a rate of at least 70 percent of their work force, lower than the 90% rate required of workplaces eligible for assistance in the rest of the country.

A workplace that meets the required percentage of employees from target populations can apply to the Investment Center for an average of up to 27.5% of the cost of wages for the employees from the target populations, for a period of time of 30 months of employment and with a limit of a NIS 16,000 monthly salary per employee.


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