Egypt prosecutor refers 58 Brotherhood supporters to military prosecution

CAIRO – Egypt’s public prosecutor on Sunday referred the case of 58 suspected Muslim Brotherhood supporters accused of committing “terrorist acts” to the military prosecutor, a step that could lead to a military trial even though they are civilians. Thousands of Islamists have been jailed and hundreds sentenced to death since the government launched a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, saying they pose a threat to Egypt’s national security. “Public Prosecutor Hesham Barakat ordered the referral of 58 defendants belonging to the Magholoon (Anonymous) group …, who committed

terrorist acts within Giza province from August 2013 until October 2014, to the military public prosecutor,” the statement said. The group of 58 was directed by Brotherhood leaders abroad and is charged with “founding and financing a terrorist group, espionage, attempted murder of policemen, and sabotaging public facilities,” the statement said.



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