Elderly Jewish woman says police did not intervene after assaulted on Temple Mount

A video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday shows an elderly Jewish woman saying that she was just assaulted on the Temple Mount after being besieged by shouting Muslims, while her police escort does nothing to intervene.

In the video, Brenda Rubin, who moved to Jerusalem from the US seven months ago, appears shaken while walking through the contested holy site with police and other Jews, shortly after she said a Muslim woman punched her.

Despite stating that she was just assaulted, a police officer can be seen telling the woman to “file a complaint,” and ordering her to keep moving amid hostile chants of “Allah Akabar” directed at her group.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Elderly-Jewish-woman-says-police-did-not-intervene-after-assaulted-on-Temple-Mount-412488

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