Emergency Antiquities Authority storm excavation saves ancient jug off Israeli coast

An emergency excavation carried out on the southern coast during this week’s storm saved a rare, partially exposed Byzantine-era clay jug from certain destruction, the Antiquities Authority said on Thursday.

According to the authority’s Emergency Excavation Unit, the jug, which was located Wednesday near a cliff off the Mediterranean in the Yavne-Yam archeological site, 15 km. south of Tel Aviv, was initially spotted by a National Parks employee who promptly notified Antiquities Authority officials.

A regional crew of workers quickly arrived to safely extricate the jug before it fell into the sea, the authority said.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Emergency-Antiquities-Authority-storm-excavation-saves-ancient-jug-off-Israeli-coast-390876

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