Emergency meeting to fight neglected welfare issues in 2016 budget

Ninety heads of local authorities, directors of non-profit organizations, representatives of the Social Workers’ Unions, and senior officials from the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel held an emergency meeting to discuss the upcoming budget in Kfar Macabia on Monday.

The participants launched the "Coalition for Social Reform," the initiative of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a Chicago and Jerusalem based organization that promotes understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians.

The coalition is made up by organizations at that provide aid to the weakest populations in Israel and it intends to become the representative body for those populations and promote dealing with poverty on a political level through public pressure, monitoring implementation of state commitments, and pointing out failures of the system and offering professional solutions.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Emergency-meeting-to-fight-neglected-welfare-issues-in-2016-budget-410337

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