Entebbe thrust Benjamin Netanyahu onto trajectory leading to politics

Forty years after a group of Israeli commandos carried out one of the most daring rescue operations in history – the raid on Entebbe – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, some veterans of that operation and some of the hostages who were freed will return to the Uganda airport on Monday to commemorate that event.

There will surely be speeches about the historical importance of this raid: how it restored Israeli deterrence eroded by the Yom Kippur War; how it enhanced Israel’s stature on the world stage; how it triggered a change in how other countries dealt with hijackings and changed the course of anti-terrorism efforts; and how – in the words of Shimon Peres, the defense minister of the time – “it proved that Israel is capable not only of maintaining defensible frontiers, but also of taking decisive action in defense of her interests.”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Entebbe-thrust-Benjamin-Netanyahu-onto-trajectory-leading-to-politics-459419

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