Equality for Arab schools, less crowded classrooms, among demands from parents

Some 150 parents, teachers, and educators gathered in Sachar Park in Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon to welcome the new Education Minister with a list of demands to improve the education system.

"Welcome, honored Minister," said Paz Cohen, Chairman of the Parents Association in Jerusalem and member of the Forum of Regional Parents Associations. "You have received the most significant portfolio for the future of the State of Israel. Every citizen in Israel is directly affected by what happens in the education system and the future of our children has been put into your hands. We expect that you will lead the necessary actions to decrease the crowding in our classrooms, to invest in early childcare, and to deal with the burning topics that are waiting for you to take care of."

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Equality-for-Arab-schools-less-crowded-classrooms-among-demands-from-parents-402412

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